5 Ways of Effective Content Marketing

1. Identify your goal: Adding new or fresh content having no meaning or redundancy does not make any sense as per new Google search algorithm. Content marketing is not about just throwing beautiful words altogether to audience it must have certain objective. Content must be in accordance with website objective. First identify whether you want to increase traffic, increase your sales by 20% or improve your conversion rate?

2. Establish dialogue with audience: Do people react on your content? Are you able to engage them? Writing content in bulk does not promise that people will respond you or make enquiry for your product. Unless you are educating them will real statistics and info-graphics people will not take interest in your content or respond as per your expectations. Besides this help people by answering their questions on different forums and social platforms.

Tip: Pay special attention to demographics of your audience and map topic of their interest accordingly.

3. Create your content theme by Search Volume:Its true that content should be impressive, knowledgeable and unique but it must also move strictly around a topic accompanied by right keyword density. Now if you want to attract traffic through content and you are looking for high volume keywords you can take help of Google search console. This will help you in choosing keywords with high volume search. Remember content must be in line and develop around the topic supported by realistic data, facts, figure and images.


4. Integrating you content with infographics:Ready with awesome content? Now club it with infographics as human mind captures graphics easily. Infographics easily pull audience and push them to take action. When we mix well-written content with graphics it has mind-blowing impact on audiences brain. This integration will help in making your content really go viral. Above all it makes content more understandable.

5. Market on all social platforms and Refine content continuously:People often flood their websites with tons of content in order to increase visibility or reach. However its better to have unique content, which is not redundant and never read before. Users love content which is unique, add value, help them in increasing their business or sales.