PPC Management Services

PPC Services - Improve Your ROI% From First Day

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is one of the smartest and quickest way of attracting customers and above all it does not take too long to convert prospects into the leads. As PPC marketing is focused on keyword based marketing where advertisers bid on keywords to display a relevant ad copy in Sponsored Links.

We are leader in PPC Management and Search Engine Marketing, expertise in handing multiple accounts with more than 30,000 keyword base in each account and with high volume of spend. We have served many clients in various areas ranging from Computer Technical Support to Medical Transcription Services. We are not only affordable but also instrumental in managing Pay Per Click Campaigns over different Search Engines.

At Adzentrix, A dedicated team is focused to maximize ROI and always strives that you receive highly targeted customers. Our Process of Pay Per Click Management starts with website analysis after that creating a strong keywords base, analyzing competitors and their bidding patterns, structuring keywords into small ad groups i.e ad group and Campaign Management; After that we move ahead for promoting keywords with highly relevant ad copies so that a high Quality Score will increase sales and at the same time reduce cost per click, thus maximizing revenue.

What you will get :-

  • Free Account setup
  • Keyword research
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Bid Management
  • Daily Campaign Optimization

PPC & Google Ads Accounts Management Process

Keywords Selection

We do intensive research to prepare Keyword list in order to find perfect keyword set for your website. We use various tools to identify the potential of keywords so that highly target customer.

Ad Copy Development

Our Experts create Ad copies that sells and that appeals customer to take a purchase action. Later on we use various testing to improve the relevancy and quality of ad copy.

Landing Page Analysis.

We identify the best existing page or recommend for creating a new landing page based on the keywords in case it is required.

Tracking Code Installation

Implementation of tracking codes to track the conversation rate.

PPC Reports

We perform weekly and fortnightly analysis of campaign performance, including individual keyword costs, conversions, and performance trends. Excels reports are maintained in order to keep a check on monthly spend as well as other variable data.

Widest portfolio of clients and brands.

Regular optimization is carried out after proper structuring of campaigns; Once PPC Campaign reports are made then we see which keywords are performing well and which are not based on that we modify ad copies and bid adjustments for improvement.