Digital Marketing & a programming language Python has emerged as the fastest-growing skill in 2019-20 in India as per Linkedin’slabour market data & by their recent survey.

There are no wonder why digital marketing is trending and the most required skill-set by employers. We have seen humungous growth in the number of internet users along with data usage and this has forced not only Indian Multinational companies but also companies across the World to increase presence by spending more on digital media.

There is a shortage of skilled employees in the digital marketing industry and this is the first time when skills are being valued more than traditional or technical degrees. Even companies like Microsoft, Facebook &Linkedin have started hiring on the basis of skill & experience rather than having a degree from IIT, IIM, or premier business school.

Now why anyone should learn digital marketing? The reason is clear; there is no other industry which gives professional & salary growth above 500%. A fresher in digital marketing starts with a salary of INR 15,000 to 21,000 and after gaining years of experience average salary of a digital marketing manager is Rs. 8.5 Lakhs per annum.

As per the join report of the Government of India &Mckinsey, India is all set to become a $1 Trillion digital economy by 2025. Recent technology transformation & revolutions in the country have changed the entire industry scenario. Companies want performance marketing and that is possible only by promoting services with the latest digital marketing techniques. They are expanding their business so has hiring fresh and experienced executives.

Learn digital marketing and increase your chances of employability. You can choose to be a freelancer, copywriter, digital media planner or affiliate marketer. This is the only field that gives you the chance to work from home with unlimited income.