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Linkedin Expert in Delhi, India - Sanjay Bisht
Hi everyone! I’m Sanjay Bisht and presently spearheading Adzentrix Institute. It’s been 14
years working in the diverse business arena. I have gained enough experience in digital
marketing, and today spreading my knowledge to professionals and entrepreneurs about
the latest digital marketing concepts. I’m always passionate about internet marketing, its
problem, solutions, and ideas.
Today, I’m gonna share my knowledge about LinkedIn Marketing through which you can
generate quality leads for the business.
Do you know the fact about 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn? No matter what your
business goals are, whether to gain heavy traffic on your website, increase brand
awareness, improve customer service or engagement, everything is possible through
LinkedIn marketing. 
I have seen many professionals asking how to get more followers & connections on
LinkedIn. Well, it’s not a daunting task if you implement a solid LinkedIn marketing plan as I

  1. I have hacked LinkedIn algorithm to get more engagement on my posts & articles

The LinkedIn algorithm works on two primary goals i.e. to prioritize relevant content and to promote engagement. There are thousands of posts created and posted on LinkedIn every day, but through LinkedIn’s machine-learning algorithm, one can easily and quickly sort score, and rank posts.

There are three ranking signals of the LinkedIn algorithm i.e. Personal connections, Interest relevance, and Engagement probability. 

Personal Connections: The LinkedIn algorithm focuses on providing personal connections more weight. It identifies whom you have contacted directly through messages, comments, and shares. It also considers information on LinkedIn profiles including, interests and skills.

Interest Relevance: It happens many times that you are connected with some people, but you don’t enjoy the content posted by them. For this reason, the LinkedIn algorithm measures a person’s interest based on the groups they are in, pages they follow, hashtags they use, and people they connect frequently.

Engagement Probability: Interaction is one of the major considerations on which algorithm’s performance depends. Firstly, the algorithm checks your engagement with the posts that you share, like, comment, and react. It may also consider the content that you have liked in the past and the people you contacted frequently. Secondly, when the post is published and it gets more engagement in the form of likes, comment, and share, LinkedIn state including it to other’s newsfeed.

  1. Make your strong presence & online reputation

An online reputation for any business is compulsory in the present scenario. A positive online reputation will benefit your business in many ways and will help you to achieve your business goal. 

In today’s time, every single client who buys online products or services wants to check out other’s opinions about the same. The customer not only wants to know the product description, but also the feedback by others who have already used their services. 

Gaining a positive online reputation in the market is not a task of a single night, it’s a long process, but the rewards you will get are worth the effort. One can build an online reputation in many ways like

  • Monitoring the web: First, you need to check the current status of your brand’s reputation. Whether it is bad or good, you need to know what people think of your brand. 
  • Designing a user-friendly website: It is a good start to build an online reputation as every business has a catchy website today. Choose a good domain name, keep it short and catchy, and most importantly it should reflect your brand name. 
  • Posting fresh content regularly will help you grow brand awareness. Write blogs and articles about your brand so that people know about you and take an interest in buying your products and services. 
  • Make a strong presence on social media: In the present scenario, Social Media is the best platform to engage with customers and new users that helps you to gain a good reputation in the industry. You can inform your connections about new products, ask customers to give reviews, and engage them by posting catchy posts. 
  • Response to every single query: Be quick in responding to customer’s queries and complaints. You should respond to every online message or comment, to show you are accessible to every potential client. If someone comments bad or negative, you can avoid the conflict by replying to them politely.
  • Share your achievements: People search for the companies whom they can trust. Before making a final decision, they will search for you on the internet and if you show your achievements or awards or any positive feedback, it will help your customers to make a good decision. 
  1. Get More clients & Leads using LinkedIn

You may have struggled on social media platforms to find new leads and clients for your business, but have you tried it through LinkedIn?

It might be possible that you have tried with LinkedIn also but didn’t get effective results. Well, it happens with many businesses, but if you know the right strategies, LinkedIn can actually bring you more clients and leads. It can distribute your content to a wider audience, drive more traffic to your website and blogs, and can generate more leads as compared to Facebook and Twitter.

To get more clients on LinkedIn you need to follow some steps:

  • Build a strong profile: Create a professional profile, that is client-focused and search-optimized.
  • Describe your profile – what can you deliver and how much effective is it
  • Create a catchy professional headline
  • Send thank you message whenever anyone accepts your connection request on LinkedIn. 
  • Stay connected with your LinkedIn connections after every short interval
  • Get your LinkedIn connections over call to grab genuine connections
  • Be a part of professional LinkedIn Groups
  1. How to increase your post views?

To increase post views on LinkedIn first you need to make sure that you are posting share-worthy content, the content that can engage your audience.

  • Use SlideShare content on LinkedIn to get more post views. 
  • Create unique, relevant, trending, and content that is based on industry insight.
  • Don’t create long articles or paragraphs in your post, short paragraphs keep your connections engaged.
  • Also, make sure that you stand out from the crowd in your content to attract more and more visitors to your profile or post. 
  • Regularly post on LinkedIn and try to post multiple times per day. 
  • Try to avoid external links in your post instead put the same into the comments and create a reference to the particular comment. 
  • Try to use LinkedIn native videos instead of YouTube if it is less than 10 minutes.
  • Use the carousel effect on LinkedIn for personal and company posts.
  • Reply to every comment on your post and keep it short. The more you engage with your visitors/connections, the more visibility your post will get.
  • Start sending messages to your close connections (B2B) in multiple engagement groups that are actually interested in your content and highly likely to engage with it. 
  • Start commenting on other’s people posts that will act as a mini post for you. the more mini-post (comments) you write, chances of getting more visibility increases on LinkedIn. 

5. How to increase your profile views?

It is not a daunting task to increase profile views if you keep your LinkedIn profile updated. Outdated information on LinkedIn creates a negative impact on your profile, so always remember to keep it updated. Also, check these two things:

  • Create a professional headline that entices people to click on it. Keep it short and highlight your current position. 
  • Use professional photographs for your LinkedIn profile to increase the chances of more likely to be viewed. Keep it professional, don’t use such photos that you upload on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Create a good summary about yourself including the headline, career experience, achievements, and your current position. Use correct grammar and follow one format. Don’t jump from first-person to third-person in your writing.
  • Use the right keywords in your profile summary as it will make you be found on the internet. 
  • Customize your LinkedIn profile so that you are easily found. Just related it to your brand. 
  • Add documents, awards, photos, and presentations on your LinkedIn profile and make it visual to attract visitors. 

Eventually, your success through LinkedIn depends on your dedication. You need to keep yourself updated including your LinkedIn profile. If you follow the right strategies and that too dedicatedly, you will definitely win the heart of millions.



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