Top 5 best practices for better leads through PAY-PER-CLICK campaigns

Close or Narrow theme keywords: Use only 3-4 keywords in an adgroup, this will improve your keywords quality score and you will end up paying less, i.e. low average CPC of keywords. Besides this it help you managing adgroups on your finger tips.

  1. Use broad match modifier keyword type : BMMs (Broad Match Modifiers) not only help in achieving higher click-through-rate but also more targeted audience, which means more quality traffic on website and high conversion rate. So just prefix keyword with plus sign (+) and you are good to go!
Example of using broad match modified keyword Correct:   +buy +shoes Incorrect: + buy + shoes
  1. Multiple ads in an adgroup: it is recommended to have atleast 3 ads per adgroup, having 3 ads will help in keeping best ad on top. Google ads algorithm automatically trigger best ad which is expected to perform better than other ad copies.
Tip =>

Pause ad (s) which fetch low ad-served percentages and create another targeted one this will help in better ad optimization. Keep your account in optimized condition.

  1. Analyze search terms report weekly: Even in most optimized condition, campaigns fetch clicks which are sometimes not required at all. To avoid useless clicks, extract search term report, identify those search queries which are not relevant to your business and create a list of negative keywords using them and add them to adgroup or campaign level accordingly.